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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Post of the Day

I just learned and am so grateful to have been included in David McMahon’s “Post of the Day”. David is a journalist and internationally-published photographer. He is also the author of the novel┬áVegemite Vindaloo. If you pay his blog a visit you’ll quickly learn why his photos are published internationally. It’s for that reason, I […]

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Horse Photo Mosaic

Horses symbolize power, vitality and freedom. Cave art from the Ice Ages depict wild horses and cattle as the most important subjects. In fairy tales horses embody prophetic creatures with magical powers. Psychological symbology interprets horses as noble and intelligent (which they are), though easily frightened or disturbed. I’ve always loved horses and miss having […]

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Ordinary Miracles

Ever since I was a child I’ve been drawn to the ordinary. There’s always been an innate sense urging me to pay close attention. It’s funny though if you think of it, everything that is ordinary really is rather extraordinary. For me my mother was, and still is, an ordinary miracle — she lives on […]

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When you least expect it

It’s so true that we discover some of life’s most extraordinary moments when we least expect it. I had just walked a public labyrinth located in Victoria, BC and was drawn to a colourful and amazingly well kept church across the street. Camera in hand my intent was simply to get a few shots of […]

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Shutter Sister’s photo challenge

I belong to a wonderful online group called Shutter Sisters. Among the many wonderful and inspiring aspects of belonging to this group is a challenge called the Superhero Challenge. The current challenge by Jen Lemen is, “For this week’s Superhero Photo Challenge, go to your kitchen counter and capture that glimpse of ordinary magic you […]

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Photographing Dogs

The more I photograph dogs (and horses too), the more I enjoy it. Dogs don’t worry about posing and they live in the moment. A week ago I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot in Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta with a delightful American Bulldog. Yes, he may look very similar to […]

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