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Holding you in my heart …

How often have you come across someone who is a total stranger to you, yet you want so desperately to hold them? While in Sydney, BC I was strolling along the harbour walk when I noticed this man. Something about the way he was ambling along, caught my attention. He wasn’t walking in a strut as most of the walkers and he wasn’t boldly forging ahead as I had been. There even seemed to be a hint of grief on his face. He stopped and leaned in this manner holding like a statue. I fumbled with my camera bag, trying to quickly get my camera out, hoping my lens would catch him and that he’d still be in the same position by the time I quietly moved toward him. I had only a fraction of a second to catch him and this is the sole shot I got off — he moved away the moment I took the photo. I felt as if I may have intruded somewhat. What was on his mind; more importantly who was on his mind? I was and still am holding him in my heart, even if I didn’t reach out to him.

Unknown Blessings

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