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Shutter Sisters

Several months ago I came across the Shutter Sisters blog/website in two different ways: from a link at one of the blogs I had happened upon and visiting some of the photographers on Flickr. I didn’t have to read any further than the first entry to become hooked and feel a strong affinity to the concept: a group of women, led by Tracey Clark, sharing their love of photography, their remarkable images, and themselves.

In fact, it’s thanks to reading an insightful post by Maile at Shutter Sisters that I finally found the perfect term that fit with my passage through this amazing life: “sweet ordinary”. It refers to those moments, often small and ordinary, that really are the most significant or those we should be embracing before they are lost. The look in a stranger’s eye, a glance by a child, laughter, a quiet meal together with loved ones, the way a mother holds her child, and so many more. It is those sweet ordinary moments my lens seeks to capture.

I’ve since joined them, visit often, and participate in their creative and inspiring photo challenges. It truly feels like a sisterhood even though my connection with other members is solely over the Internet. I’ve learned from them as well although the focus isn’t on the technical but on sharing the emotions and inspiration.

The reason Shutter Sisters has become so important to me is that, not only do I live in northern Canada, but I live in a remote rural area far from any major city (6 hour one-way drive). There is a smaller city only an hour away but there is still a disconnect with the urban lifestyle. Shutter Sisters has filled in a gaping hole that I was needing. Now at the click of my mouse, I can read what other shutter sisters are doing or feeling, I become inspired by reading their stories or viewing their photos, and like a reliable boomerang they happily return to visit or comment on my photos.

So, if you love taking photos, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’re bound to enjoy a visit to Shutter Sisters. Hop on over and enjoy yourself — let them know I sent you.

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