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Okay, so I’ll be unpopular …

Here goes, I might as well come right out and say it, “I hate really, really dislike Blogger.” There, I said it out loud for everyone to hear read. A couple of you already know my stance on that frustrating blog host, Blogger (those with blogspot.com). I used to have both my canine blog and the previous version of this one over there. As a user, it was frustrating enough. But as a visitor to the Blogger blogs, it is stark raving and insanely frustrating. Some of the Blogger blogs are very slow to load and heaven help those who are on dial up (as I was until a year ago) because one page can take up to 20 minutes or more to load (yes, a person has to go do housework or bake a cake in the meantime).

How can a blogging tool from a company as efficient as Google be so inefficient and ineffective? 

The thing that has been driving me nuts is visiting a Blogger blog and trying to leave a comment. Bah! I’ve quit visiting many a blog just because it was too much trouble trying to leave a message. There are still less than a handful of blogs I would like to visit, even if only on an occasional basis as time permits, but …

I give up visiting Blogger blogs. They are far too time consuming and the frustration they cause when I try once, twice, three times to leave a blinkin’ little note! Some of them are worse than others. I think the reason might possibly be the ones that are loaded with all kinds of widgets and links and other paraphernalia, tend to be the most problem prone for visitors. And for the ones that are slow loading, I bet the nice folks don’t realize they should reduce the size of their photos before uploading them. It’s a shame really because there are a few fine writers, or those with wonderful and beneficial content but I can’t let them know by leaving a comment. I realize some of you may be offended if that’s the host for your blog and I know I’ll be unpopular with this post, but I just can’t keep my frustration inside any longer. Sorry 🙂

A sample of other blogging hosts (the popular ones):


WordPress.org – for those who are technically savvy and want to play with their own designs/themes


If you’re really serious and looking for one that isn’t free but has lots of capability, check out Squarespace.

And for photoblogs, well! there are a plethora of them in all sizes, shapes, and possibilities.

I kind of like Aminus3, but hey, there are oodles of them out there.

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